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Do you rely on digital information to run your organization?

Are you confident your data is secure and regularly backed up?
If your data files disappeared tomorrow, what would you do?
Data security, backup and recovery are undeniably critical in today's business environment, yet many businesses still use outdated systems for backup or don't have a backup plan at all. If your data is not safe, you are setting yourself up for a startling fate: among businesses who lose their business data for 10 days or more, 50 percent will go bankrupt in just two weeks. Even if they survive that initial data loss, 9 out of 10 will go bankrupt in the coming year.

Most likely, your Orange County business is heavily dependent on your data being accessible and protected, and you probably use desktop and/or laptop computers along with other electronic hardware and software to run and support your daily business operations.

If that sounds about right, there is good news: It has never been easier to set up a data protection strategy that protects important data and guarantees your organization will keep running when you face a data emergency.

ITEA: Your Orange County data protection and recovery team

Every business is unique. We know it and we create customized data security plans that keep your business safe from the perils of data loss. If you need data backup for just one machine or many, we'll put together a solution that allows you to scale our services in relation to your changing needs.

Data backup: Secure your data with confidence and have it easily accessible when and where you need it.

Data protection: Protect yourself from hackers, business halting viruses and cyber-theft with high-tech encryption; protect your organization's data infrastructure; recover data through a protected web portal.

Data Recovery: Get your data back in record time and keep your business running like a data disaster never happened.

At ITEA, we specialize in computer data protection, superior customer support, and professional level data recovery in the Orange County area.  Enjoy the confidence that comes with having your business' data secured by ITEA. Contact us for a free consultation on how your business can utilize data backup and recovery.


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