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The latest computer hardware without the depreciation

What if your small business could decrease your information technology costs, increase your company's cash flow and enhance your company's hardware at the same time? Well, your small business can with Orange County's HaaS experts at ITEA.
When thinking about technology, all small business must reconcile two mutually exclusive impulses: the necessity to keep their business' IT infrastructure up to date and the need to trim costs and maximize profitability. ITEA's hardware as a service packages give your company the opportunity to do just that.

Our organization's hardware as a service (HaaS) product presents your company a unique opportunity to control your computer hardware costs as a monthly fee as opposed to as a capital cost. In addition, our company's Orange County, California based HaaS service provides the regular assistance your small business requires to remain lean, competitive and working efficiently. This type of membership-based service plan will seamlessly scale with your company's growth and future needs.

ITEA HaaS: What's built in

Our business' program provides computer hardware procurement, remote IT support, hands-on systems management and convenient, polite client assistance. Our HaaS program offers:
  • State-of-the-art networking, server and user hardware
  • Ongoing computer software updates and patches
  • Equipment installation and setup
  • Fast and cost-free replacement of broken hardware
  • Easy to understand, stress-free payments
  • On-demand IT assistance
Important features:
  • Affordable money bills
  • Increases operating cash
  • Fixed month-to-month fees (no unexpected cost)
Who doesn't want to save time and money?

If you don't have to divert resources to hardware procurement, operations and replacement, you'll realize you have more time to commit to generating sales and operating your business. Let us show you how HaaS can work for your business.

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