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Does your business' technology work for or against you?

ITEA's hourly support keeps your technology running so your business can too.
See what happens when your business has access to a team of skilled small business IT support experts whenever you need them‚ but without having to pay them full time salaries.

ITEA is an Orange County area company that specializes in on-demand IT support and services for businesses that only need IT support when problems arise. Our rapid-response IT support programs are structured on a per-hour or per-incident basis, meaning you only pay for the help you need. We troubleshoot just about any technology obstacle you can't get past, from the small annoying issues that won't go away, to mission critical mishaps that can bring your company to its knees.

ITEA's IT support experts will:
  • Install software program and updates
  • Run anti-virus software and eliminate computer viruses
  • Overhaul computers and tune-up systems for better performance
  • Show you how to use newly installed programs
  • Install, manage and repair computer hardware and systems
Get in touch today and see how Orange County's IT support experts can help your business grow through better technology support.


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